Friday, October 8, 2010

Dot Works Foot

I am Building an alternative website and looking for people interested in modeling, which will also include my artworks and everything else I work on.

We are not after FHM style models - We only want ladies interested in non standard types.

Models with Tattoo's and Piercings or Classic models that are very diverse. If you want to get tattooed, We can sponsor it for u by Immortal Tattoos,
Singapore. In return, you model for us.

If you are not interested in getting a real tattoo, we can always draw something on you to spice things up :)

All work is on a paid basis.

This is not a full nude work. Implied/Semi might be needed but we work on case to case basis depending on the comfortability of the model.

If you are interested pls email your details and portfolio to ( MSN & Email )

© Diamond Fangs

Model : Kim

And also I found 2 of my Dotwork Tattoos I did for my client sometime back. Sorry everyone for all the late updates !!

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