Sunday, October 24, 2010


So, I started painting again.
Haven't done it in a feels AWESOME.
It feels even better when I do it while watching Bones.
Most things feel better while watching Bones, actually.
The amazing Chris of Chocolate Lemon brought me a FUCKING NINTENDO & games!
Serious, SERIOUS amounts of LOOOOOOVE to him!! (It's okay to be jealous.)
While this fantastic piece of technology will be residing in my shop, you will NOT be allowed
to play while getting tattooed...sorry, you'll have to be happy w/ our movies.
That doesn't mean we can't play when we aren't tattooing, fyi.
ALSO, thanks to Martin for the Stormtrooper lamp. More LOVE!

Here is the latest addition to Hooba's Sleeve. So pretty.
Just WAIT until you see how this all works out w/ the background we have planned....

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