Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pictures Of Wings of Angel Tattoo Designs

Angel Tattoo on Shoulder

Warrior Angel Tattoo Design

Angel Pictures Of Cross Tattoo Designs

Angel Tattoo On a Woman's Body

Hot Wallpapers

Hot wallpapers can really create it an exciting day for you. In your personal and official life the place where you sit and do some work from morning to evening, the wallpaper placed in front of you can take control of your changing mood and keep you cool for the day ahead. According to the psychologist, if you are able to set your mood on a positive vein at the starting of the day itself then you may be in a happy mood with a positive frame of mindset throughout the rest of the day. Therefore in order to set your mind on a positive note, hot wallpaper does play a unique significance role.

You can choose your favorite Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities on your personal chamber or official cabin's wall. One you can have it on your desktop too. According to the recent research study on hot wallpaper pick by adults, Angelina Jolie stood the favorite because of her bad attitude, cherry lips and sexy carved body line makes her top the list. Some actress whether they have a new movie release or not they remain in the limelight because of their hot relationship with other celebrities. They create scenes to spread rumors around the mill and then the drama of denial of relationship. Soon they are seen with another partner. This makes them the hot favorite wall paper too. Example of such celebrities is Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson.

Jessica Alba has a special place in hot wall paper because she doesn't have any restrictions on showing off. So she captures a special private place on the personal computer desktop. The other hot favorite celebrities who have got marked a place on the wallpaper are Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Carmen Electra and Jennifer Aniston.

Hot Wallpapers

Hot Wallpapers

Hot Wallpapers

sexy girL wallpaper

Besides the idea that it is absolutely free to download in your computer, the designs are truly captivating and beautiful. Desktop wallpapers are offered online via hundreds of sites. And to make it easier for people to choose their preference, they have been categorized for quicker searches and downloading.

Here is a list of the categories and what images are affixed in them.

  1. 3D displays wonderful animations of things. Examples are 3D mushrooms, linux 3D wallpaper, 3D beautiful lion, gravity pull, fire escape, the edge of hell, and more.
  2. Animals are images that provide a feeling of sweetness and warmth. Cuddly animals include sweet poodle dog, cute little puppies, one dog with two cats, and white dog playing with cat.
  3. Anime is playing with ordinary images and putting together real and computer-generated artistry in one. Few examples are Naruto 24, Silent Hill Anime, and Night Eyes.
  4. Bollywood features Indian actors and actresses sporting their hottest looks. They are Kareena Kapoor looking hot, Hrithik Roshan bollywood star, and Sexy Katrina Kaif.
  5. Cars are a man's best friend. But even sporty girls love the elegant cars, too. Drool over Z Art Porsche Boxter, Techart Porsche, or Porsche 911 2007.
  6. Cartoons are designed for both the kids and child-at-heart grownups. Cartoons showcase the fun images of Pink SpongeBob, Tweety, Spiderman, Pooh, Nemo, and the Care Bears.
  7. Celebrities present a beautiful collection of photos from your favorite celebrities such as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, and more hot celebs.
  8. Christmas is an array of designs that reminds you of the season anytime of the year. Find Mickey Mouse in a Santa in Holidays wallpaper. Imagine yourself in the image of Santas Lap.
  9. Computer shows mostly colorful renditions of the logos of Microsoft and Apple brands.
  10. Fantasy is like the Anime category. Images are from toying of other images, resulting to a different creative design. Check out the beautiful sunset at Pastel Sunset. Other designs are Mercury Rising, Poseidon Cinema, Planetary Night, and Rainy Season.
  11. Flowers extend fragrance in visual form. Love the White Flower, Red Tulips, Yellow Flower, and other stunning flowers in full bloom.
  12. Games are definitely for certified gamers. List includes Mario, Tomb Raider Legend, and racing games.
  13. Girls are photos of fashionably chic icons of the entertainment and sports industry. Some of them are the Sex in the City girls, Maria Sharapova, Zhang Ziyi, Spice Girls, and other top models.
  14. Holidays are images of events of the heart such as Passing Love, Valentine's Party, or Scary Halloween Party, and just about any holiday celebrated in life.

There are still other interesting images and photos to suit your taste such as that from the Military, Motorcycles, Movies, Music, Nature, Places, Ships, Space, Sports, and Zodiac. Each category offers a certain kind of satisfaction upon successfully downloading them in your computer. But the thrill of finding the perfect desktop wallpaper definitely depends on you.

sexy girL wallpaper

sexy girL wallpaper

sexy girL wallpaper

sexy girL wallpaper

Sunday, January 16, 2011

All Women Tattoo Design

When you are choosing a design for your tattoo and you are going for the "hot" look, then you want something that is bold and exotic. Cute probably is not going to cut it. Combining a design that is powerful and sexy is a wonderful option. One example is to go with a tattoo of a dragon. You can tone it down by accentuating the facial features and making it sexy instead of scary.

Size is something to consider when you are trying to choose women tattoo designs. If you are feeling very bold and macho, then going with a large tattoo, such as one that covers the entire back, is a very sexy idea. Of course if you want more of your skin bare, then a medium tattoo is a good choice. Remember, making the tattoo sexy is all based on standing out and going bold. A strong and large tattoo is definitely bold and will be noticed.

Just remember that your tattoo is going to last for life. This means you need to be very careful and picky when choosing women tattoo designs. You want to make sure that you pick a design, size, and color that you will be happy with for the years to come. Make sure you take your time and choose the right tattoo for you.Recently women tattoo designs are becoming more popular as women start to use them to add sex appeal. Adding ink to the skin is something many men find extremely enticing. Of course when it comes to women tattoo designs, the most popular designs have changed quite a bit in the past few years. At one time it was the chic and cute tattoos that were so popular among women, but today more and more women are starting to go with designs that are much bolder.

All Women Tattoo Design

All Women Tattoo Design

All Women Tattoo Design

Monday, January 10, 2011

All Women Tattoo

Some people choose to get initials or names. This is not a good idea, unless you are getting the initials or names of your children or perhaps a deceased relative. Getting a tattoo of a lover or spouse's name (or worse, face) is almost like a curse for the relationship, just ask anyone who has one. If you must have your beloved's name inked on you, consider going for Asian alphabet characters.
There are designs that look beautiful on women. Flowers are very popular, but not just your run of the mill rose. These days, ladies are getting exotic blooms in bright colors, often with black tribal designs behind the flowers. Zodiac symbols are also popular and can be done in a variety of ways, from plain black to outlined and filled in with solid or gradient color.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

هل تتألم الفتاة من تمزق غشاء البكارة ؟

يختلف الشعور بالألم بين فتاة وأخرى من حيث الشدة وسرعة التأثر .

ويتوقف الشعور بالألم على حجم الغشاء وسمكه وصلابته وعدم مرونته ، كما يتوقف على بعض الاخطاء التي يمكن تفاديها ، مثل : عصبية العروس وفزعها ، وخشونة الرجل أو جهله، والوضع الخطأ للإستلقاء على الفراش ، وعدم الاسترخاء .

وكل هذه العوامل التي تؤدي إلى الألم يمكن تجنبها .

ويلاحظ أن عدم مرونة الغشاء تزيد بتقدم السن ، وإذا تجاوزت الفتاة سن الثلاثين عذراء لم تمس ، إزدادت بكارتها صلابة ومتاتة كسائر أجزاء جسدها ، وبذلك تزيد مصاعب فض الغشاء . ولكن لكل شيء حل .

ويختلف سمك غشاء البكارة بين فتاة وأخرى ، فهو يزيد على ملليمترين أثنين عند قاعدة البكارة أو عند اتصالها بالحافة المهبلية ، ويقل عن ذلك عند الطرف الخارجي ، فالغشاء ليس طليقآ رقيقآ رفيعآ كالخيوط الحريرية كما يتوهم العامة .

الطريقة الصحيحة لفض غشاء البكرة بدون ألم

على الزوج ليلة الزفاف ألا يسارع في القيام بفض غشاء البكارة، بل عليه أن يمهد لذلك بجلسة حب ملئية بالأنس والمداعبة، والغزل ، والملاعبة برفق وحساسية، وأن يخبرها بأنه ليس متعجلآ ولا حريصآ على الاسراع في ذلك، حتى يشعرها بالأمان ويهديء من روعها إذا كانت خائفة .

ولا شك أن لكل ما سبق دورآ فعالآ في تهيئة العروس للجماع الأول ، بل له أيضآ دور في إحداث الانتصاب الكافي لدى الزوج .

ولا شك أن لهذا كله دورآ فعّالآ في التمهيد لما يمكن أن يتم بعد ذلك من إيلاج برفق وحنان .

علاج سرعة القذف ، القذف المبكر ، القذف السريع

القذف هو ذروة الرعشة عند الرجال ، وذلك عندما يتم خروج السائل المنوي .
لقد ظل معالجو الحالات الجنسية يتجادلاون لسنوات طويلة حول التعريف الدقيق لمصطلح القذف المبكر أو سرعة القذف ، وخلال الخمسينيات من القرن العشرين قيل أن القذف المبكر هو الحالة التي يتم عندها القذف خلال فترة تقل عن زمن محدد ( حوالي دقيقتين ) أو عدد معين من الإيلاجات ( دخول القضيب وخروجه ضمن المهبل ) ( حوالي 100 مرة ).

يعتبر ذلك مجرد هراء ، وهو يعود إلى الجهل وعدم معرفة الفترة التي يستغرقها معظم الرجال للوصول إلى مرحلة الذروة . وقد تفاجأ هؤلاء الخبراء عندما سجل الطبيب Alfred Kinsey أن 75% من الرجال يقذفون خلال دقيقتين من دخول القضيب ضمن المهبل ، وهناك نتائج مشابهة أظهرها إستطلاع قامت به جامعة Shere Hite's شمل 11239 رجلآ ، فقد تبين أن القذف يحصل في دقيقة واحدة من الايلاج عند 20% من الرجال و 62% خلال 5 دقائق ، كما أظهر الاستطلاع وجود تباين كبير بين الرجال : فعلى سبيل المثال ، 7% من الرجال قالوا إن القذف لا يحدث عندهم قبل 15 دقيقة من الايلاج .

إن أفضل تعريف لسرعة القذف هو الوصول الى الذروه أبكر مما ترغب فيه ، أو مما ترغب فيه شريكتك . وبالتالي ليس من الضروري – وفق هذا التعريف البديهي – أن نعتبر القذف المباشر بعد الايلاج مشكلة ، وخصوصآ إذا تمكن الرجل مع شريكته من الاستمتاع لوقت طويل قبل الرعشة . لكن العديد من الرجال وشريكاتهم يرغبون بأن تطول ممارستهم عما هي عليه .

وقد أشار الإستطلاع السابق إلى أن 70% من الرجال أجابوا بنعم على السؤال التالي : هل تصل للذروة بسرعة بعد الايلاج ؟ وبعبارة أخرى ، هل أنت غير قادر على الاستمرار بالجماع بالقدر الذي ترغب فيه ؟