Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September? Already?

September is upon us already...where did the summer GO?! Below are a few things I did this past week or two. There's been a lot of construction here at the shop. A lot of sanding, sawing, get the idea. I'd like to thank everyone for bearing with the insanity. The shop isn't as fully put together as I'd like, so I apologize for the lack of polished-ness. The couch IS really comfy though, so you should all come in just to sit a while, check things out, and chat.

I'm going to remind you all of the discount advantages/star wars presents for me that are happening here The stormtrooper lamp has already been ordered, so that's out of the game. There's plenty more, though! On to the tattoos....

Ravens for Elsa.

Lettering for Dennis.

The Beginning of Sara's Epic Book Piece.

Sakaina's Lilies/Scar Cover-Up.

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