Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Twelve 28 Tattoo will be moving.
That's right…moving!

The shop is relocating to a new space, a bigger space, a space where mailmen don't fall down the stairs! (If you know, you know.) Don't worry, it's very nearby to the current shop. All of the subway stops & highway exits are the same.

When I'm closer to having my new battle-station fully armed & operational, I will disclose the exact location. I'm setting the tentative opening date as August 1st, 2010. Obviously, it may change since I have not managed to clone myself...yet. In light of these changes, I am looking for additional artists.


What I need are established tattoo artists in the New York City area or those looking to relocate to New York. **This is not a walk-in based shop**. Artists should have a solid clientele, an up-to-date portfolio, a good work ethic, & be knowledgeable regarding sterile technique & cross-contamination. I'm not interested in baby-sitting anyone. I am offering booth rental for a set monthly fee where you can manage your own appointments & hours. I do not want a cut of your earnings, nor would I charge you for utilities. I'd like to have a shop full of down-to-earth artists interested in producing awesome artwork while having a good fucking time.

For more information, please email me to set up an interview at 1228Tattoo@gmail.com with the subject heading "Interview".

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