Thursday, April 29, 2010



50 Cent's Tatoo covers most part of his body and look like a work of art. He has tattoo covering his arms, back and the front region of his body. He had some of the tattoo on his right arm removed as he was keen to pursue a career in Hollywood.

He thought that the tattoo could be a hindrance to his dreams of making it big in movies as a lot of time was spent on make up to cover his tattoo and had some of the prominent ones removed.

The tattoo on the back which is more famous and which sports the signature 50 cents and Southside are still present and are part of his overall personality and one cannot imagine him without these.

For a person who had quite a troubled childhood to rise to such fame is amazing and 50 cents whose albums Get rich or Die Tryin and the Massacrre were multi platinum selling hits.

You need to have a certain personality to carry off a tattoo and 50 cent does it in style. Lot of celebrities get some part of their bodies tattooed and after a period of time removes it.

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